Coles County 2020 Census

Welcome to Coles County 2020 Census info page.

Take the Census Today!

Census data is used to determine distributions for HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars in federal funds.

Political Representation: Census population data is used to redraw Congressional, State, Legislative, and Local Districts. Those elected officials rely on this census data to understand the make-up of the population in their district.

Planning: Public and private sector decision-making based on accurate population counts (where to open, close, or expand businesses, schools, hospitals, and more!)

Based on the census data, in 2016 alone, the State of Illinois received $34,331,000,530 to support 55 federal programs

For every person NOT counted Coles County will lose on average $160 per year over the ten year period

  • $160/person x 10 years = $1,600 lost per person
  • 10 people x 10 years= $16,000 lost
  • 100 people x 10 years= $160,000 lost
  • 1,000 people x 10 years= $1,600,000 lost

The Census Impacts You!

  • Your Community!
  • Your Schools!
  • Your Local Businesses!

Brought to you by the Complete Count Committee:

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